About Us


About Us

Welcome to our website and online shop!
We are Charl and Yolande Nienaber, the co-founders of Edu Kids. We are just your normal, average, married couple, with a couple of kids. The “couple of kids” is where the drive for Edu Kids started. It was the age-old question: “What are we buying Timmy for his birthday?”
When they’re older it becomes a bit easier, with gift vouchers, gadgets, even jewellery, but what about the youngsters? Sure, there’s a ton of random, nonsensical ‘stuff’ out there, but doesn’t it make a lot more sense to buy something of value?
Something which can add value?
Something which can be a toy and a learning experience?
This is what we aim to achieve with Edu Kids. Provide a place where parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and teachers, can browse through decent quality, educational toys.

We searched and searched and searched and then we searched some more. Finally (after some school fees) we found the supplier who was able to supply us with good quality, educational toys.
As an added bonus they also had a variety of other products, which aligns perfectly with what we set out to achieve.
At this stage we feel that we have a good selection of quality products and we are constantly tweaking the website and online shop to enhance the customer’s experience.
Our most recent addition, are the combo boxes. We are very excited about this! We grouped together toys which complement each other. So, if you are stuck with ideas on what to buy, head on over to the combo boxes section and have a browse around.
We welcome comments, suggestions, and requests. Please feel free to contact us by clicking the WhatsApp icon or sending us an email.
Thank You and Happy Shopping!

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Kindly note that we check the stock levels from our suppliers on a weekly basis and also endeavor to ensure that what we advertise is available. If we missed something, we will be more than willing to exchange the product for a different product of the same price or we can refund you in full.